Samaná is a collaborative project between Mexico and Colombia. The project unifies the coffee culture known worldwide in both countries. Nowadays there are many methods to prepare coffee. Samaná use dripping method in order to use more your hands making a special bound between the user and coffee ritual, using all your senses.

The container is inspired by the shape of the wooden boxes used by coffee growers when selecting the best coffee beans. The height of the container is because of how mexican cantinas are used, people used the cantinas as a meeting point to discuss while they prepare some drinks, we used the same concept but now how to make a coffee conversation. The leather is used to have a more warmth surface to keep safe all your accessories inside the container.



Accessories / Samaná Accessories aim to generate a ritual through each utensil, thus taking up the importance of preparing coffee from the traditional concept of using your hands. Oak wood seeks to give texture and warmth to the shape of each piece, generating a different experience. 

Collaboration / Colaboración : José Bermúdez & Fango Studio 

The ceramic is under a process of enameling in coffee, giving a unique touch to each piece, since when using different grains and loads the shade of the enamel is altered throughout the collection.